Videlicet Productions was founded by a group of professionals and lifelong friends as a platform for creative endeavors. At the moment this primarily involves blogging and self-publishing, but in time we hope to transform it into an actual business.

The original founders - and their professions - are as follows:

Andy (research scientist, nonfiction writer)
Chris (pilot, businessman)
Steve (doctor, artist)
McKay (engineer, software/web designer)
Jason (lawyer, lawyer)

We currently have two 'clients', who aren't counted among the original founders, and who write under pen names:

Sander Crane (fiction, but at least ostensibly set in the 'real' world)
R.H. Craft (fiction set in the fantasy world of Solterryn)

Jessica Johns is currently looking to publish her first novel, The Havens, with a traditional publishing house, but since she's our longtime friend (and Jason's wife), we think it can't hurt to try and promote her book a little bit here as well.

The goal is to sell at least 5,000 copies of a story by either Sander Crane or R.H. Craft, neither of whom have ever been published previously in any way, shape, or form.

Is this possible? We'll see...