Sander Crane

If you were to actually take the trouble to search for the name "Sander Crane" on the internet, you wouldn't find a whole lot of information. That's because it's merely a pen name of an individual who values his privacy and anonymity - both for the sake of himself and his family. And that's as much personal detail as you will find about him.

The individual writing under the name Sander Crane is the first official 'client' of Videlicet Productions who is not among the original founding members, and his presence here is due to an agreement he came to with Andy.

He is currently working on a novel, The White Lotus, dealing with both ancient Chinese mythology as well as life in modern Beijing, and a collection of short stories, Bits of Paper.

His personal blog may be found here: 

It should be noted that everything on his blog, including the blog posts themselves, should be considered fiction.